Aether Drone

Paul forest aether drone wip 01
Texturing WIP
Paul forest aether drone wip 02
Texturing WIP
Paul forest aether drone wip 03
Texturing WIP
Paul forest defaultmat roughness
Paul forest defaultmat emissive
Paul forest defaultmat metallic
Paul forest defaultmat mixed ao
Paul forest defaultmat normal directx
Paul forest defaultmat base color

In the latter 19th century, aetheric racing had become the sport of kings within the empire. The gentry were enthused as well, though their ships lacked the style and safety of their betters. This led to the creation of unmanned units, dubbed Aether Drones.


These shots are from a personal project I am working on in Unreal 4. I'm using the project as a way to play with modern high end tools and techniques, especially Physically Based Rendering (PBR) and procedural content generation.